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Letters from Some of Our Users
(and our thanks to those who submitted them, we love feedback)

Paradigm MS,
It seems like everyone thinks software has to be tied to the internet to be any good but I'm really glad you didn't follow that trend.
There are some businesses, like ours, where it's unsafe and inappropriate for everything to run through the internet. They call it HIPAA.

I like knowing the sensitive data I handle is secure. It's on my computer, in my possession and NOT available to everyone on the internet.
Plus you've set it up to be password protected. Besides, I've used an online database company and found them to be far too expensive and my agents refused to go to their website for statuses. It sounded great in their advertising but it's not much of a feature if nobody wants to use it.

The same goes for ordering exams online. My agents never used it. I wasn't overly worried about it because I was getting 99% of my orders through phone calls, email, or faxes. Although, since you added your online order form, I am seeing more and more orders coming in that way. I guess my agents like your form because it's so easy to use.

Anyway, it's about time somebody responded to the needs of examiners. You offer a great product and your support has been fantastic. I wish more companies did support the way your company does it. It's so much faster and easier to understand things when we're both looking at my monitor and seeing the same thing. I've been spreading the word to all the examiners I know.

To: PMS software,

I bought your product because I was spending way too much time doing office work and really needed to free myself up for more time to do exams. I just needed to be more organized and efficient. As it turns out I got way more than I bargained for. I'm not only spending much less time on office work but my direct business is growing like crazy. As soon as I started using the program to send my agents statuses I started getting calls telling me how much they love MY status reports. They've been showing them to other agents and now those agents are calling me to do their work. So I'm not only completely organized and saving tons of time on office work, I don't have to spend hardly any time on marketing agents. I'm getting them now by word of mouth.
Teresa M

Our own comment

Our software didn't get its' start as a plan to create a business, it came from years of developing and refining it for my personal use.
Other examiners saw what I had and wanted it, urging me to make it available to all examiners and exam companies. This took several more years and collaboration with a professional programmer but we're extremely proud of what we've accomplished and honestly believe we came up with something which can help the many examiners struggling to make ends meet.

We also believe our software levels the playing field and gives examiners a more competitive edge. It doesn't just rival what the big companies use, we believe it surpasses it.

PES will continue to evolve because I still use it and love using it. I enjoy coming up with new features, improving old ones and finding ways to be even more efficient; like our recent development of adding lab slips generated by our program which automatically fill-in much of the information  needed and our instant billing function for those who do direct billing with Superior Mobile and Exam One.
We love seeing examiners use our software.
Not just because of sales but because we believe in it. We only ask that examiners give it a try.
To PESoffice,
Mere words can't express how happy I am to have found your software. I've been in this business for 15 years and never came close to the level of organization I've had since buying your program. Handling our examiner's statuses is so fast and easy that I've been able to cut my office staff in half. Our agents constantly praise us for the status reports we send them. My only complaint is where were you when I started my business.

To Paradigm Medical,
I work for one of the biggest exam companies in the industry and happened to come across your software when we were setting up a new office. The office manager was using it while we were configuring her computers with our software. She showed me everything she could do with your software and I was stunned. She could do more with your program than she was going to be able to do with ours and we spent tens of thousands of dollars developing our system. I, obviously, can't openly recommend your software because of the conflict of interest with my company, but I wish I could. The biggest problems we run into with examiners is disorganization and statusing issues and your software completely eliminates both problems. I hope you're able to get this into the hands of every examiner out there, especially our examiners :^). The ease of use and time savings examiners will get from using this is nothing short of amazing. I was actually embarrassed to have to train her to use our software after seeing how yours works.
Good luck,
To Paradigm Medical Solutions,
Just want to tell you how much easier my job is since buying your program. I now spend 15-20 minutes a night making appointments, when it used to take me about an hour. I no longer chase my tail giving the same statuses over and over because the office people don't or won't check the notes in their computer. I just tell them the date and time I sent them a status report and to check their email. BTW, I like the colors and the layout of the forms to. There easy on the eyes and uncluttered. I actually like being on my computer now. Good job.
Dear PMS,
I've been looking for something like this for years. I've looked at or sampled other examiner software programs but none of them have even come close to this. I don't know how you made it so it can do everything examiners could ever want or need and still keep it so simple and easy to use... but I'll take it !!!
Brian S.
To PES examiner,
You had me at the map button. I luv being able to click on the patient's home or work address and have a map open right to their exact location. Very helpful to see where the patient is located before I call to schedule. I use to have to go online, type in, type in the street, then the city, then the state, then the zip, yada yada yada. Now I push one button and evrything's done for me. I also luv that price comparison thingy too. Now I know, without a doubt, I'm getting top dollar for my work.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Cindy J

I wish every piece of software I own was this easy to use. I like the detail that went into the help buttons on each form but I found myself reading them more out of curiosity than because of need. Everything flows logically and makes sense. That's the definition of user-friendly and what makes it worth every digm :) I paid for it.
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