Before using our software, please read the following!

Windows 8 and 10 have caused a lot of problems for people attempting to use software downloaded from the internet

Microsoft's message was only to alert people to the "possibility" of problems,
but the wording and appearance of their warning message
has only caused fear and confusion  

To avoid getting these messages altogether

follow the steps below BEFORE starting the program for the first time

1 - Right-click on the shortcut on your desktop and click "Properties"
2 - Click on the "Compatibility" tab
3 - Checkmark the "Compatibility mode" box and select "Windows 7" from the dropdown list
4 - Checkmark the "Privilege level"
box to "Run this program as an administrator"
5 - Click the "Apply" button
6 - Click the "OK" button


If you didn't do the above before running PES for the first time

You may receive this message when trying to start the program:

warning image.    

Windows 8 and Windows 10 display this message for almost all software programs downloaded via the internet

Click the "more info" button ...

and this window appears:

Just click the "Run anyway" button and your Paramedical Examiner Software program will start

We recommend also doing the six steps listed above to avoid getting this message in the future

These instructions can also be found on
the troubleshooting page of our website

Click button below to download your software


Another message that comes up occasionally looks like this one

If you receive a message like this, don't bother reinstalling the program, that doesn't fix the problem
 Just call or email us and we'll take care of it for you

It's a quick, simple fix for us but it's difficult to explain the procedure to others

Telephone: (888) 884-2766

Email -

When you call or email us, please tell us the name of the missing file given in the message
 and include your telephone number so we can get back to you and get you up and running quickly