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Increase Your Value to Agents and Exam Companies

  • Cut the time you spend making appointments in half
    • The most common statuses are presented in a drop-down list to minimize typing
      • Date and time of your calls are entered for you automatically
        • You can sort your clients by name, location, phone numbers, agents or zip codes 
    • View and schedule your work with a point & click calendar customized to the hours you choose
      • Showing you which clients are scheduled, their location and requirements
        • And the date and time of their appointment so you can see openings available for other appointments
  • Save even more time with your statusing options and tools to speed up your exams
    • Email all your statuses to agents or exam companies in a professional report with a single click of a button
      • Export all your statuses in a file that can be imported directly into another PES user's system
        • If you prefer calling in your statuses
          • clients are grouped by agent and/or exam company so you can quickly status in an organized manner
    • Use our QUICK SLIPS and cut the time you spend filling out lab forms by more than 50% 
      • Clean, professional and easy to read lab slips for CRL & ExamOne  which scan and fax better than the originals
  • Whether you're paid by flat rates, percentages, or both, PES makes it easy to track your pay
    • View an automatic pay comparison list every time you enter an order to ensure you get the most pay for your work
      • Process payroll in minutes instead of hours and view/print reports which are easy to read and make sense
      • Bill each case in seconds instead of minutes using our Speed Billing feature for ExamOne and Superior
      • Mileage, extra pay, kit fees and packet fees are computed automatically in payroll reports
    • Use the report as a reference for entering billing and, at the same time, as a copy for your records

  • Simplify assigning cases and managing examiners and their payroll with PESoffice
    • Examiner and client zip codes (home & work) are matched automatically 
      • Showing you which examiners can cover the case and the amount each is paid
        • Send examiners their exam orders in an email, pre-addressed to them, with the simple click of a button
          • Check examiner schedules with the click of a button on the calendar
    • Whether you pay your examiners by flat rates or percentages
      • Pay is calculated automatically and presented in a professional invoice with your company name in the header

  • Keep all your cases (for one or many companies) in one secure place; on your computer, and at your fingertips
    • In PES your data is encrypted and password protected
    • Accessing your data is not dependent upon your ability to get online 
    • No more worries about your internet service or exam company sites being down or agonizingly slow
    • No need for access to the internet at all (except for sending email, of course)
    • No per case fees like the other online database company charges
    • No worries about losing all of your data if they were to go out of business
    • Your data is your property and you maintain control over it

  • If you’re a direct examiner or working towards becoming a direct
    • Keep your information private and under your control
    • Don't allow your crucial business information to end up on the cloud or online with a database service or exam company who could give or sell your contacts to others or...
      • use it for their own marketing purposes and solicit your agents

  • Eliminate the ink and paper waste of multi-page orders
    • Print only the information you need or give yourself the option of going paperless
    • Print your schedule for the day and use it as a check list to gather all your supplies and forms for that day
      • Use your Day Schedule to eliminate or minimize the need to print and carry a bunch of order/face/coversheets
      • Print your Active Case List and use it to schedule appointments and take your office on the road

  • When needed you can quickly add private notes (which only you can view) in any client’s record so you can go back at any time and recall the specific events associated with that case. Description of their home, their behavior, etc.
  • And so much more...

Whether you're using PESoffice or PESexaminer 

you're completely organized and present yourself and your business

 as being streamlined, efficient and professional from start to finish

Become truly independent and Work Smarter, Not Harder

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