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To provide a powerful yet affordable exam management system for ALL examiners and independent exam companies. One focused on and customized to your needs. Whether you're independent or a contractor, own an exam company or work for one (or many), do DNA or drug/alcohol testing, with PMS you can do it all with...  NO START-UP OR PER CASE FEES
Since you are routinely expected to enter and maintain computerized data, we believe that data should be at your fingertips. Where it's always accessible to you, under your control, and can be used for your needs. A system dedicated not only to your business but one which can be used  in conjunction with  other systems to further streamline your business operations
Was designed by an examiner for examiners so you can be sure you're getting software that will really meet your needs. PMS gives you all the tools you'll need to work at peak efficiency, while minimizing or completely eliminating the need to spend time online in another company's system. You keep everything on your computer and decide how best to use it for your needs
   NEW !!!   in v2.2      Online Ordering     No website needed, just give agents or exam companies this link and import orders directly into your system

Also NEW  in v2.2     Import the city, state and zip codes for the areas you or your exam company cover, using your Excel files 
  Both versions of our software are truly examiner-friendly with many features:
  • Print-able Day Schedule you can take on the road
  • Scheduling calendar customized to the hours you specify
  • Professional status reports you can email to agents and/or exam companies
  • Active case list so you can work from the road without needing your computer
Everything you could possibly need to run a professional exam business

Take a look around, read what other examiners have to say and try our extensive FREE TRIAL of both programs with no obligation
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v2.2 released April 2013
E mail: Sales/Customer Support: admin(at)paramedicalexaminersoftware(dot)com
Toll-free: (888) 884-2766 
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We also offer both versions of our software as a subscription service for $25/mo (PMSexaminer) $35/mo (PMSoffice)
*Paradigm Medical Solutions does not charge any sales tax however PayPal assesses a 2.9% + 30 cent fee for credit card/PayPal usage*

For those wishing to pay by personal check or for information about our network software, please contact us for details
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